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Monday, July 16, 2012

Google Algorithm Updates, ways to recover from the worst hit ever

Google Panda and Penguin are the two Google Algorithms that have been the main reason behind the spectacular fall of the famous SEO strategies in the recent past. The main reason that these algorithms were introduced was the fact that Google believed that the new and upcoming sites should be provided with a fair opportunity to cope with the competition in the online marketing. The other very important reason for these updates was the fact that Google wanted to make sure that the low quality contents were curbed and penalized and the high quality contents and White hat SEO practices on the other hand were rewarded with increased page ranks.

The sites that got hit by any of these algorithm updates must have been involved in some wrong SEO practices that ended up having the sites penalised. Now, if any such thing has happened to your site, it doesn't mean it has to remain the same way forever. Steps could be taken to make sure that the site recovers from the aftermaths of the updates. Few of the suggested recovery steps are as under:

  • Content Quality:
The best way to get over the aftermaths of the algorithm updates of Google is to switch the bad content with the more quality content that includes reduction in the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and increase in the length of the content on almost all the pages of the site.

  • Viral link building should be avoided:
Viral link building of any sort comes under the category of black hat SEO startegy, which for the sake of keeping away from the next hit list of Google update, should be completely avoided.

  • Keyword stuffing:
After the recent Google update, if you are still involved in a black hat SEO strategy like keyword stuffing, this could turn out to be the last nail in the coffin of your website, so beware and grow up.

Now, by ensuring the fact that you are not involved in any such black hat SEO tactics, you could ensure the safety of your site from any such furthur updates.

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